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working with Tyler, my depression and anxiety had hit an all-time high. I was
stuck in a spiral of negative self-talk with seemingly no way out. Tyler helped
me shift my lifestyle and my mindset and helped me get and stay on track with
daily tools and resources that have become invaluable to me. My attitude and
energy level have both been positively affected, and I can honestly say I've
never been healthier and more willing to make changes in my life.

Ashley, 32

I started working with Tyler, I was completely overwhelmed by my daily schedule
and all I was trying to accomplish. I was struggling to manage my anxiety and
stress. Tyler provided a calm, soothing presence, and a space where we could
have deep conversation. He challenged me at times through powerful questions
and reassured me at other times. He was a great source of accountability. After
working with him, I feel I can identify my goals and work towards them with
confidence. I’ve been better able to plan and organize my life.

Jen, 38

In August we had our first session. I had recently had some blood work done at my doctor's office earlier that month. Everything was normal except my ALT (163H) and AST (64H)[Liver enzymes]. Today (Dec. 27th) I did a re-check of my blood work and had shocking results...(ALT 68) (AST 37)! I'm very thankful for your help and encouragement to get me started on a healthy path.

Lindsie, 31
Understanding Code Status Book Cover

Brought to you by nurses

We are husband and wife nurses, working At the Bedside. Our mission is to foster health education, through a variety of media, to improve the quality of life for as many people as possible.

Our first book, “Understanding Code Status: Powerful and Practical Guidance for Difficult Decisions,” is available for immediate shipping. The value this guide will bring cannot be understated as this is an aspect of your healthcare that can impact your life so greatly. The knowledge shared within this guide is carefully researched with clinically backed information for accurate education that everyone can understand.

Anyone who finds themselves in the hospital should read this guide. Don't wait until something critical happens to you, or your loved one, to learn this valuable information.

We thank you for your support in making our dreams of improving health and wellness on such a broad level come true!

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Knowledge is Power

Stay informed on what matters to you and your healthcare. Simple and accurate information will give you peace of mind in stressful times.

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Education for Difficult Decisions

Clarity can calm the nerves and bring comfort in knowing you have made the choices that best fit your situation. Understanding the healthcare system takes the professionals years of intense study, here is a simpler way to understand what choices you have.

Understanding Code Status

Our Story

Our Health Mission

My purpose is to elevate my clients to achieve optimal health in their mind, body, & spirit to break free of the shackles of disease & self-doubt that stop them from truly living their lives to the fullest!

Experience and Professionalism

With years of experience, our medical team will give you the information necessary to make educated decisions regarding your healthcare. We understand the importance of educating you on the available choices for your healthcare needs. 

Nurses Who Care

As seasoned nurses with years of experience, we have identified a need to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and their patients. We offer supplemental information to streamline your decision making and inform you on all available options and resources to assist in your healthcare.

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