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Our Vision

Health and Wellness Coaching

As we enter a new phase of our company, we are offering transformational health and wellness coaching. Our aim is to help as many people that are struggling with many aspects of health and wellness including diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, lack of energy and focus, relationships, career advancements, teens looking for direction, and much more. Let our experience and expertise help you achieve your goals in less time than you imagined. Through powerful coaching, anything is possible. 

Areas of Specialty

Transformational Health and Wellness Coaching

After attending the Nurse Coach Collective we are offering high impact coaching programs that aim to improve you life holistically for the long term. We will take you on as a client for 90-180 days to assist you in achieving your dreams of a healthier and wealthier lifestyle through powerful coaching and co-creating action steps to achieve your goals!

Nurse Coaching is science-based with amazing results for those who work through a program run by a Nurse Coach. Studies have shown that working with a health coach can dramatically improve your results by reducing your A1C, insulin dependence, insulin resistance, weight loss, and much more!

Patient Education

With over two decades of combined experience working with patients and their families, we hold extensive experience in providing patient education that is concise and easily understood. Our devotion to patient success has necessitated that our patients understand their health and can then use that understanding to improve their health status. We continually build on this valuable skill to bring success to you and your loved ones healthcare and overall LIFE SATISFACTION!!! Lets dig into your needs and discover what you can accomplish through good holistic healthcare!

Tyler VandenBosch, RN, Nurse Coach

Tyler grew up in a small town in Northern Michigan and now calls Traverse City home. Growing up, Tyler's parents were very health conscious. His father was a body builder with a fully equipped home gym, his mother was into aerobics and body-building as well and also acted as his father's coach pushing him to excellence. 

Right out of high school, Tyler became a Manual Massage Therapist from the Blue Heron Academy and ran a successful massage business for a few years before deciding to get into a more clinical aspect of healthcare as a certified nurse aid. This grew into becoming a Registered Nurse and working in sub-acute rehab and long-term care.

During his career, Tyler worked with hundreds or maybe thousands of diabetics. After seeing some of the outcomes that arise from poorly regulated diabetes, Tyler wanted to help people earlier in their disease process to prevent neuropathy, loss of sight, and gruesome amputations that leave people unable to walk! Nurse Coaching was brought into our practice and the impact Tyler has had is amazing.

We encourage anyone that is struggling with that stubborn belly fat that comes along with diabetes, the energy fluctuations, having to travel with diabetic supplies and maybe forgetting your glucometer at home and needing to buy a new one in a unfamiliar city.



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