Generally Living Healthy

Generally Living Healthy

Living healthy. What does that statement mean to you? First thing that comes to my mind is vegetables and exercise. On the surface that seems like a general belief of health is a diet rich in vegetables and someone that jogs every morning without fail. Deeper than just what appears on the outside of that lifestyle is a belief system and mindset. Waking up every day and fueling your body, mind, and spirit takes practice and dedication. 

Some people have been living like this all along while others struggle with the complexities of life giving out excuses left and right. Those people that do dedicate some portion of their energy and focus to a healthy habit live with a wealth of advantage over those who do not. That regular mindset of action and execution pays off in every area of life including relationships, energy, focus, creativity, ability, and stability. If that person is willing to accept the pain of pushing themselves physically and follow that up with healthy food options to boot they are likely to take calculated risk more often in their finances, relationships, and career path. 

Not all choices will lead to victory but chances are, those failures along the way won’t weigh down the actions initiated every day in the pursuit of greatness and success. Greatness and success does not have to mean monetary riches or business success, it can be the success of a healthy body and mind arriving at greatness without the external need for money. Wealth is absolutely nothing if you are sick. That being said, true wealth is that of our physical and mental health. If we can wake up in the morning and jog down to the beach before starting our day we have true wealth. Value can only be appreciated by those able to ‘do.’

One of my favorite mantras is “Life is for the Living.” This mantra focuses on a fundamental belief that life engages with the world around it and changes the environment around it positively. We all need to engage with technology these days with work and communication but the difference between simply existing and actually living are in the difference of actually having experiences IRL, so to speak. This is not to say that sitting down and watching a show at the end of the day is bad. Although, those figures on the TV are usually out doing things with their lives winning game shows, hiking mountains, skiing, or solving crimes. There aren’t many successful shows about sitting around doing nothing all day (except for some strange reality shows that don’t interest me). 

Health should be simple, or we won’t hold true on our healthy journey. When things get complicated, it is harder to stick with it and reap the rewards from being healthy. That being said some very basic and overall pieces of advice would be:

  1. Eat more vegetables than meat
  2. Move your body somehow that makes you sweat every day
  3. Avoid processed foods at all costs.
  4. Drink more water than anything else

If most people could adopt these fundamental values we wouldn’t have most of our deadly disease processes that have high mortality rates in our country. While this cannot save someone who is already very sick, adopting a healthy lifestyle at any stage of disease will likely provide valuable changes in your life. Always talk with your doctor about changing your lifestyle or diet for their professional and personalized input. There are many resources in most communities to help us live better but it takes action to make that change.

Go out and make that action, you’ve got this.

-Tyler VandenBosch, Health and Wellness Coach

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